Homeownership in Eufaula

Meet Alberta Jones - our first homeowner!
Meet Joan Smiley - our second homeowner!

First-time Homebuyers Class

The class is designed to help potential homebuyers learn about the mortgage loan process, terminology, finding the right house, budget and credit, loan closing, foreclosure prevention, basic home maintenance, and avoiding predatory lending.

So how does it work?
Certified teachers will educate you about the homeownership process from beginning to end. We will also have an open discussion and address any questions or reservations that a potential homebuyer may have.

The classes are usually held every month, depending on participation. Times will vary from two four-hour days or one full day.

After the class…
After completing the class it is time to begin one on one counseling sessions (up to eight). The following topics and questions will be addressed:

  • Credit Report - How do I read it?
  • Budgeting - Let's create a budget!
  • Goal Setting - Where do I want to be?
  • Computer Classes - Exploring the internet!
  • Financial Literacy-Questions I have?
  • Am I eligible for down payment assistance?

More information is coming soon!