Eufaula Housing Authority

Family Self-Sufficiency Program

Our goal is to give residents every opportunity to become self-sufficient. That means getting or finishing a high school or college degree, getting a job or improving their job situation. We believe that we can provide an incentive for our residents that will motivate them to fulfill their dreams and goals and at the same time provide a real benefit to them.

We have residents who are determined, sign a Family Self-Sufficiency Contract of Participation. This contract outlines their obligations, goals, methods and our responsibilities as well. Click the link to download the full Contract.

FSS Contract of Participation.doc

Eufaula Housing Authority – Addendum to the FSS Contract
Escrow Account – Rules of Participation

Escrow accounts are based on a point system, 1 point = $1.00

Escrow funds are only available to families who have signed a Contract of Participation

Maximum points earned during the length of the contract – 2,000

Points will be accrued on a monthly basis

Note: All points listed below can be gained each month except those with *, which are a one-time award.

Pay rent on time - 5 points
Pay utilities on time - 5 points
Pass EHA inspections - 10 points
Attend monthly meeting with Coordinator - 5 points

Child involved in EHA approved after-school/tutorial program
(must attend at least 75% of time) - 5 points
Obtain GED - 50* points
Enroll in college & complete semester - 25 points
Earn one point for each credit hour taken - 1 point
Pass the college class - 10 points
Pass the college class with “A” or “B” average - 20 points
Earn Associates Degree - 100* points
Earn BA, BS or equivalent - 250* points

Complete/update resume - 5 points
Interview for a job - 10 points
Get a job (up to 20 pts, Coordinator’s discretion) - 20 points
Earn five points for each consecutive month worked – same job - 5 points

Community Involvement
Volunteer – 1 point for each hour volunteered - 1 point
Attend Resident Council meetings - 5 points
Attend school related meetings - 5 points
Attend EHA sponsored self-sufficiency classes - 10 points
Attend EHA sponsored Homeownership seminar - 20 points

Immunizations for child/year - 2 points
Immunizations for child – completed - 10 points
Annual check-up/physical - 5 points
Dental check-up (general cleanings) - 2 points

Open a bank account - 10 points
Improves credit score (each 50 points) - 5 points

Become a homeowner - 2000 points

Lease violations - TBD points
Other issues at Coordinator’s discretion - TBD points